Losberger UK

Temporary structure fanatics! Extremely passionate about our products and services offering nationwide and international high end event tents for hire and sale.  We love to push the boundaries of what is achievable inside/outside a temporary event space, motivated to continually develop new ideas to make every event space unique.

With 38 years’ experience in the temporary event structure industry I have tried and tested temporary structures made by many of the leading manufactures in Europe. After experiencing various modular tent systems I discovered that the best event tents with the most advanced engineering were made by Losberger.

Impressed by Losberger in their continuous investment into research and development constantly moving the event structure market to the next level, I approached Losberger GmbH to become the official distributor in the UK for Losberger products, after much success in both rental and sales we officially joined the Losberger Group in 1998 as Losberger UK Ltd.

Since then we have designed and developed the first ever modular contemporary event interiors system for temporary structures.  As well as modular interiors we have lead the way in the design of our concrete weighted floor systems, opening windows, split level floors, sound proofing and much more. We make event tents exclusive as well as practical.

The Losberger temporary structures product portfolio continues to grow year after year manufacturing not only events tent systems but everything from steel halls, temporary buildings, sports halls and aircraft hangars to inflatable rapid deployment, cabins and medical tents.

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Nick Edwards MD