Event Tent Accessories

A wealth of event tent accessories are at your disposal for creating first-class event tents. We have a comprehensive range of fixtures and fittings to tailor your event marquees to suit any budget or event.  Grow your customer base by adding hard sides, glass walls, insulated glass, opening windows, system cassette flooring,  doors, ramps, railings, stairs, interiors and much more.

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Cassette wall & Glass wall systems 

Vacuum-formed white cassette wall panels using specially formulated PVC sheet to fire rating BS 476 (part 7 classes 1 surface spread of flame). Our glass walls are made from SGG Securit glass which has undergone a special thermal toughening process, as a result has higher impact resistance (approx 5 times higher) than ordinary base glass. Its mechanical and safety characteristics mean that if broken the glass breaks into small fragments and are therefore appropriate for use in toughened doors and structural glazing.

Tent Flooring

Our high quality engineered flooring systems meet the tough demands of today’s event tent flooring, they are quick and easy to install fitting precisely into our event tent frames, giving you  an even, raised, level finish with no trip hazards,  gaps or rain water ingress; increasing safety and comfort. We offer a range of floor finishes including anti slip for kitchens and prep areas, our tent floor systems are finished to a high standard and look excellent with or without additional covering.

We also offer ready ballasted floors, with concealed weights that do away with the need for unattractive concrete or water ballasts for use when securing with anchors is not possible. Hidden cable channels makes running electrics and services simple, our floor systems are both practical and attractive.

. System Cassette floor small Tents  &  System Cassette Floor Large Tents

System Doors

High quality doors with a single frame, preventing the doors becoming out of alignment with the natural movement of the tent frame. Doors fit neatly into our cassette flooring and cassette wall systems ensuring no trip hazards or gaps.

Event Tent Accessories Doors

Door Features:-

*Internally fitted with anti panic push bars for emergency escape
*Externally each wing has a grey nylon handle
*GEZE Door hold open devices, can be set on hold open for busy events
*Cylinder lock and key for added security  – can be opened from inside by pressing one or both panic action push bars
*Rectangular hard pressed anodized aluminium frames
*Armour plated glass panels 
*Rubber seals between frames and door wings.
*Door accessories – canopies, ramps, illuminated exit signs available 

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