multiflex P7

A party frame that offers a 15m width. A practical, robust and reliable frame with a generous but easy to manage aluminium profile, which offers the advantages of small party tents with the strength and endurance of a large tent system. The multiflex party tents system has been designed for intense use in a busy tent rental market, it has been developed to last year after year giving you a product you can truly rely on. This range has many shape variations to choose, you can also add cassette walls, glass walls, cassette floor and weighted cassette floor systems. The Spindlefix roof tension system used in the Plus version prevents the valence at the eave from turning up when it’s windy and improves protection from slanting rain.

This product gives you the ability to extend from 6m to 12m and 9m to 15m in width using the split roof beam system. The 6m to 15m widths all have the  same profiles giving the perfect solution to increase or decrease in size with minimum cost. The floor, wall system, glazing and doors are compatible with the 6m – 15m widths and can be used as part of the system for all structures in this range. The various shapes available within this series are the ideal solution to give that bespoke look.

With side heights of 2.30 m or 2.50 m and bay sizes of 3 m, the P7 modular small party tents system provides clear span widths up to 15 m.The 2.3m side height ensures full compatibility when connecting to the multiflex P9 system.

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