Cleaning Storing Tent Covers

For shiny white, crease free covers that last!

Increasing the life span & maintaining the appearance of your tent covers is simple.

By purchasing high quality PVC coated polyester fabric such as those we supply, manufactured by Serge Ferrai or Verseidag, already offer high levels of protection against environmental influences, such as wind, UV rays, rain, micro‐organisms, dust and other pollutants. If you inspect and clean your event tent covers on a regular basis you will increase their life span and maintain their appearance.

Revolution Roof Fabric Serge Ferrari

Cleaning storing tent covers:

Rinse off visible dirt with clear, tepid water. Do not use any cleaning device that might cause damage to the surface such as hard brushes, high pressure washers, etc. We recommend you use a soft cloth, soft brush or sponge. Use mild soapy water (pH value neutral – alkaline) to wash the covers. Do not leave the soapy water on the surface for more than 5 minutes. Clean the surface thoroughly and make sure that no soap residue remains. Dry the covers thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Do not use:

Any cleaning agents (scouring agents or scrubbing powder), which will damage the surface such as;

· Strong alkaline cleaning agents

· Acid cleaning agents

· Solvent based cleaning agents (e.g.  ester, ketone, ether, furan or benzol)

· Petrol, diesel, kerosene

· Self-made cleaning agents

· Bleaching or oxidizing cleaning agents (containing hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite,chlorine dioxide or sodium dithionite)

Regular checks:

We recommend regular checks for peeling or weakening near joints and heavy soiling on the surface.

Control checks:

Checks after extreme weather conditions such as heavy storms with wind speeds reaching or exceeding the maximum tent design loads. Heavy snowfall or hailstorms with quantities of snow or hail reaching or exceeding the maximum tent design loads. Large, sharp or heavy objects falling or hitting the fabric which may cause damage.

Storing tent covers: 

Event tent covers must be stored clean and completely  dry  (we would recommend drying/hanging them for at least: 24 hours).

Storage conditions:

• Recommended storage temperature +10°C to +30°C. Lower temperatures may increase the stiffness of the materials and lead to more permanent creasing. Higher temperatures may result in difficulty unrolling the covers, they may stick together, patches may occur where the coating comes off.

• Store indoors or in weather‐tight outdoor areas (protected from rain, snow, hail, direct sunlight), and in a dry place.

• Ensure that the environment is free from condensation and humidity.

• Avoid unnecessary bending; if possible, always roll tent covers to store.

• Avoid stressing the folded covers by adding additional weight e.g. avoid piling things on top of the covers.

• Store on a dry, smooth and clean floor.

Storage time tent covers:

• Maximum storage time: 6 months, if correct storage conditions are kept.

• After 6 months e.g. discoloring  can occur. if the covers are to be stored for longer periods of time intermediate inspections are recommended.

Serge Ferrari PVC coated polyester

Verseidag PVC coated Polyester Fabric