Losberger Event Structure Highlights at the Festival of Speed


JLR GFOS Losbergerg

Jaguar Land Rover Stand Goodwood


Palas – Jaguar Land Rover


Losberger 30,5/800 x 40m Palas built around a huge tree was home to the Jaguar Land Rover stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for the second year running. Customers and car lovers once again enjoyed the various experience activities and hospitality.




Bentley Stand Goodwood

Bentley Stand Goodwood


Kubo – Bentley

Losberger 20,5/400 x 25m Kubo structure with a 2.5m high parapet with bespoke curved walls to both 20m elevations. Elegant glazed railing systems to perimeter and staircases gave a high class finish.



Mercedes Benz Stand Goodwood

Mercedes Benz Stand Goodwood


Arcum – Mercedes-Benz

Losberger 20,5/680 x 25 Emporium Arcum. A mezzanine viewing gallery provided VIP’s & key holders views of the track. Losberger also supplied exterior graphics and specially designed wall brackets to mount a Formula 1 car on the wall.



TAG Boutique Goodwood

TAG Heuer Boutique Goodwood



Monopitch – TAG Heuer

Losberger 11,3/340 x 35m uniflex with new Monopitch section creating an eye-catching shop front. The structure was fully branded with high end interiors.



Gurney Pavilion Goodwood

Gurney Pavilion Goodwood




15,000 m² of Event Structures

It was Losberger’s 18th year at the Festival of Speed, building over 15,000 m² of temporary event structures. Despite the worst weather experienced in 18 years, all structures were finished to our usual high standard and well within schedule.