maxiflex P10

Traditionally temporary event structures have been restricted in size to a maximum width of up to 50 meters, with strict limits on heights. Thanks to Losberger’s advanced engineering the new maxiflex P10, self-supporting structure offers up to 60m clear span widths with optimal ceiling heights, making it one of the biggest event structures in the World. These notable expanses are only possible with the new extremely robust profile cross-section; the structures main components measure a solid 420 x 120 mm.

The P10 opens up new possibilities in hosting and managing large scale events. P10 offeres the full advantages and features of the uniflex P1 and P3N systems, but with the added benefit of building structures of up to 60 meters wide in any length, with lateral heights of up to 6.80 meters. What’s more the 50 m wide P10 can reach impressive heights of up to 8 meters. 

Thanks to its modular design the P10 can be combined and extended in a multitude of ways. Benefit from the products simple logistics, quick assembly and dismantle, plus ease of storage and maintenance. Thanks to the great interchangeability of marquee components within the construction kit, plus the compatibility with the P1-System, extensions and different widths can be created without expensive or complex investments. Possible to assemble with and without Losberger cassette flooring, only few specific expansion cassettes are necessary. Option for mezzanine floors for complete upper levels or galleries with the maxiflex Emporium products.