Modular Construction

Want the look of a bespoke build for your marketing suite or community project, but need the speed, convenience and value of pre-fabricated buildings? Then look no further.

You can’t beat the quality, completion time or the architectural appeal of using Losberger modular building systems. We offer architects, developers and designers excellent customisable rental solutions for marketing suites, community spaces and more.

Developers, designers and architects have to deal with a unique circumstance; selling extremely valuable products that don’t exist at the time of purchase, deals are often made on promises. Traditionally architects and developers either commission entirely bespoke builds; which is expensive and time-consuming, or opt for basic cabins, cloaked to improve their aesthetic appeal, which rarely meets expectations and design criteria.  Losberger provide the best of both worlds; the convenience and speed of modular pre-fabricated buildings, with the appeal and finish of a bespoke design.

Losberger modules are flexible enough to offer contemporary finishes, without the costs and time constraints associated with tailor-made builds. Losberger have been providing modular buildings solutions for almost 100 years, to provide developers with customisable solutions. Losberger’s expertise in this area enable us to deliver projects that are always on time and on budget

Losberger’s designers work closely with our team of specialist joiners to ensure we meet the clients agreed specifications. Losberger manufacture in house, meaning we have complete control over quality and accuracy, increasing efficiency on site.

From innovative designs to a first class manufacturing and fit-out service, Losberger have been delivering outstanding spaces with the ‘Wow’ factor all over the UK. Our various designs, layouts and finishing elements mean your creativity is never compromised. Losberger modular buildings are the quieter, tidier kind of construction; good to the environment and provide a quicker return on investment for your client. Losberger are committed to putting health & safety first, actively driving forward industry best practices. Our team include NEBOSH qualified project managers, our crew is regularly commended on their working practices and behaviour, installations are completed properly, safely and to the highest standards.

Losberger has been manufacturing premium quality prefabricated modular buildings for over 50 years, and have earned our place as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of temporary buildings. We offer a fantastic selection of modular structures which are built off-site and are suitable for a number of applications including events, trade, retail, marketing suites, accommodation, offices, aviation, and industrial facilities.

Modular construction brochure

Why choose off-site modular construction?

Off-site modular construction is becoming increasingly popular with a number of industries including retail, offices, warehouses, hotels, and hospitals among others. Previously considered the ‘ugly duckling’ of the construction world, over 98% of contractors, architects, and engineers now use pre-fab modular construction methods in their work, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Lead times  Unlike conventional buildings, both the foundations and the buildings can be completed at the same time; and along with the pre-fabrication done in the factory, modular construction is on average 30% quicker to install.
  • Return on investment  The faster lead times mean that you’re up and running quicker, and your business is making money sooner. The construction and logistics costs involved in modular buildings are also considerably lower, thus reducing your initial outlay.
  • Increased cost savings – A shorter build time can cut overall construction costs by up to 20-30%. The labour costs are also less because prefab construction uses more factory workers and fewer skilled tradesmen like plumbers and electricians.
  • Better for the environment – Off-site modular construction is a more energy efficient method of construction. Prefabricated buildings have improved thermal values, materials, and layouts meaning that they cost less to run and are future-friendly. Most materials are produced in the factory meaning fewer vehicles on-site, thus reducing air and noise pollution. Off-site modular manufacturing also reduces waste, plus pre-fab construction materials are easier to recycle.

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