Prefabricated Temporary Buildings

Losberger Modular Systems GmbH have been manufacturing and supplying high quality pre-fabricated temporary and permanent structures for over 50 years, so we’ve got the experience and expertise to deliver exactly what you need. Pre fab buildings are much more cost efficient and sustainable than traditional building methods; and the ease with which they can be assembled and dismantled makes them a flexible choice for many companies.

Why choose off-site modular construction?

Modular buildings are becoming an increasingly popular method of construction across a number of varied industries including events, trade, retail, accommodation, commercial, aviation, education, and industrial. Pre-fabricated structures may have been previously considered the ‘ugly duckling’ of the construction world, but over 98% of contractors, architects, and engineers now use pre fab modular construction methods in their work, and there are a number of reasons why:

    • Reduction in skilled labour costs: Prefabricated buildings are almost completely fitted off-site, meaning the majority of skilled trade work takes place at the factory and no longer on site, thus speeding up processes and reducing cost. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects are built within modular buildings at the factory, and after a couple of connections on-site your portable building is ready to go.
    • Lead times: Unlike conventional buildings, both the foundations and the cabin building can be completed at the same time; and along with the pre-fabrication done in the factory, modular construction is on average 30% quicker to install.
    • Return on investment: Faster lead times mean that you’re up and running quicker, and your business is making money sooner. The construction and logistics costs involved in modular buildings are also considerably lower, thus reducing your initial outlay.
    • Increased cost savings: A shorter build time can cut overall construction costs by up to 20-30%. The labour costs are also less because prefab construction uses more factory workers and fewer skilled tradesmen like plumbers and electricians.
    • Better for the environment: Off-site modular construction is a more energy efficient method of construction. Prefabricated buildings have improved thermal values, materials, and layouts meaning that they cost less to run and are future-friendly. Most materials are produced in the factory meaning fewer vehicles on-site, thus reducing air and noise pollution. Off-site modular manufacturing also reduces waste, plus prefab construction materials are easier to recycle.
    • Easy to build: Our room modules are six sided boxes constructed in our manufacturing facility, then delivered to site. Using a crane, the modules are set onto a suitable ground and joined together to make a single building. The modules can be placed side-by-side, end-to-end, or stacked, allowing a wide variety of configurations and styles in the building layout.

We have expertise in following sectors:

  • Commercial & retail
  • offices & industry
  • emergency housing
  • leisure & sport
  • education
  • student accommodation

Modular construction is ideally suited to student accommodation as it provides a cost-effective and time efficient solution, enabling the development to open in time for the start of term of a new term. Offsite construction reduces on-site snagging that usually limits delays to a very sensitive deadline, appealing to contractors and developers alike.