Pop Up Events Room 105°

Pop Up Events – The go to strategy for experiential agencies

The pop up event route has become a go-to marketing strategy for experiential agencies and retailers looking to promote brands, using an eye catching space in the ideal location to showcase their products or host their events. Relocatable, easy to transport and quick to install ‘cube’ or ‘box style’ solutions  have been a popular choice and are now common place. So what next?

Cue Room 105°, a whole new angle and shift away from a symmetrical cube towards a unique, fresh, & thought provoking shape.   Architect designed with unequal length front & back walls and skewed sides, Room 105 creates a wider, more panoramic focal point which provides the perfect canvas to promote important brand messages or new products. Room 105° is a modern alternative to ‘up-cycled’ containers, which have been used extensively in recent years for experiential events.

Consumers naturally expect the pop-up experience to be unique, convenient, creative and memorable – a step up from the normal brick-and-mortar visit and Room 105°’s distinctive space gives them just that. The fun really starts when multiple Room 105’s are combined to create interesting shapes that not only suit site restrictions but also enhance the customer journey.

Mobile Pop up’s allow marketers and retailers the flexibility to test the market, offer temporary franchises, find new markets and connect with consumers without having to commit to a lengthy and costly lease agreement. Pop up events and retail spaces are approximately 80% less expensive when compared to opening up a traditional brick-and-mortar store with the added benefit of being able to drop into high footfall, demographic optimised and targeted locations.

For full information on applications and dimensions see our – Room 105° Brochure

The combination of design and technology gives this type of pop up construction many great advantages:-

Advantages of Room 105

• Events take on a whole new angle with a 105 degree angled back wall

• Trapezoid shape makes combinations more unique and displays more prominent

• Custom design, choose from a wide variety of finishes and layouts

• Choice of front, rear & side walls open, wooden, glass or steel clad elements

• Quick to build

• Easy to transport

• Plug in and play – technology ready with hidden distribution points

• Simple to brand, attracts crowds and media attention

• Kind to the environment

• Modular, adaptable and mobile

• Urban and Modern, rejuvenate public spaces

• 3no 80kg and 8no 8kg ceiling suspension points for lights, audio-v