Steel Buildings

Steel buildings can offer a  10% to 25% saving on an overall project cost. Unlike conventional buildings, a steel-frame can be erected in 40% less time, using 40% less labour.

Steel Buildings for all purposes

Whether you need a space for storage, manufacturing facility, workshop or retail a steel frame building can be a fast and economical way of providing a strong, secure and low maintenance structure to meet your needs.

We manufacture steel buildings for a variety of applications. We can offer  just the structure or turn key solutions. If you are looking for an attractive building and an economical alternative to bricks and mortar then look no further! Losberger are the best in modular steel construction for the semi-permanent & permanent construction industry

Case study: –

A 20m x 50m Exhibition Hall with adjacent storage facilities built for a manufacturing company. The two-storey retail and display areas  are flooded with natural light thanks to the generous amount of large windows and clear roof panels

Attractive Steel BuildingsSteel Buildings Exhibition

Misconceptions about Steel Buildings

Remote locations, can’t get a steel building.

  • Steel buildings can be installed almost anywhere, we simply need a postcode for our engineers to calculate the required design loads.

Steel buildings are unattractive. 

  • Our steel buildings have a wide variety of cladding options and glazed windows, our steel buildings are very smart!

A steel building will rust away in no time.

  • Losberger Steel buildings are made with galvanized steel and high quality paints to increase the lifespan of the structure.

My  steel building will need replacing.

  • A steel frame will last a lifetime, simply replace the exterior cladding to create a fresh  new look or change the buildings purpose.

I’ll need expensive foundations. 

  • Not necessarily, a suitable concrete base or even a concrete skirt will suffice, a full site survey will be conducted  to advise you of any ground preparation required.