Responsible & Sustainable

We are constantly improving our manufacturing to focus on the most efficient and productive use of raw materials and natural resources to minimise any adverse impacts on the environment, community and our employees.
We offer our customers the most economical and sustainable solutions to suit their needs and advise where
necessary on the recycling or safe disposal of redundant equipment in accordance with DIN ISO 14001
Environmental Management System.

We are pleased to be named as an award-winning “ECOfit business”, for efficient utilisation of natural resources. We are also a certified performance partner in the FAMAB where companies are inspected in depth in all matters of sustainable activity.

Please find our green events guide – Losebrger Green Events Guide  which outlines the vital role sustainability can play in your event management and includes some key recommendations you can begin to implement almost immediately. Quite a few of the initiatives may soon become law and the insight guide will get you fully up to speed with all the latest thinking and legislation. It shows how by taking just a few simple steps, and utilising the latest technologies, you can be compliant, save money and improve the sustainability of the events you organise.