Event Technology: Will This Define Success in 2016?

event technology trends 2016

Event Technology is developing and defining the way we plan and create events in brand new ways.

Many event professionals are still catching up with the new trends in the industry and aren't implementing these new tools.

But several others have taken to the idea...

Many event professionals, businesses and individuals have been adapting to these new technologies and using them to ​there advantage, producing events that simply WOW people.

But what we all want to find out is, will technology define the success of events in 2016?

In our detailed visual, you'll discover tons of information and useful data including:

 - Insightful Event Technology Statistics.

 - Mobile Applications, Smartphones and Internet Usage.

 - The Benefits of Live Streaming.

 - Social Media & Event Marketing.

 - Evolving Event Technology

 - EVEN MORE Event Technology Data!

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event technology trends 2016

event technology statistics 2016

Mobile Apps for event professionals and attendees?

That's right, a number of innovative event mobile apps have popped up in recent years, some have been more successful than others, and the ones that have been utilised have shown there worth, as well as the potential they have.

So far, event apps serve as excellent tools for networking with others at your event or if you're an attendee.

One of our favourite event apps would have to be Intros.

Intros is simple, easy to use and makes event networking simple, intelligent and efficient, and with the backing of profound events industry investors, 2016 could be the year that this app and other similar apps blossom (such as Charlie App and Webeam).

Did you know, 44% of attendees use mobile event apps?

Find out more below:

event mobile apps statistics

smartphone uses at events

Live Streaming Events, a further route to market?

live streaming events benefits

In the past few years, you may have stumbled across a number of promotions for online live streaming activities.

Whether it be for an awards ceremony, an obscure sporting event or a global music event, companies and event professionals all around the world are jumping on the live streaming band wagon, and it's easy to see why.

The benefits to live streaming are endless, and these includes:

- Reaching a larger audience (which means more exposure to your event, brand, sponsors, viewing figures).

- Developing a sense of urgency (naturally, more people will want to view your "live exclusive" content).

- Create Social Uproar (those streaming your live exclusive will want to shout about it, or tweet....).

- New revenue opportunities (implementing an access charge for your live stream).

- Stand out from the competition (have the competitive edge over others in your industry, no matter how niche!)

If that isn't enough to convince you, take a look at this impressive Kinura case study which explains how they executed the live streaming of a global "One Young World" event.

eventbrite quote

Will Social Media dominate event marketing?

Not only are social media sites continuing to take over our personal lives, but they continue to excel and open up new opportunities in the professional field also.

Event professionals are using the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn to increase awareness about their events, and this has proven to have had a positive outcome, as 88% of professionals use social media for this exact reason.

Having said that, a number of event organisers are still missing a trick or two.

Take a look at the figures below, you may be rather surprised...

social media benefits events

social media events

The Future for Event Technology is EXCITING!

events technology 2016

A number of exciting technology continues to surprise us and keep us on our toes.

Can technology do the same for events?

The simple answer is yes.

Below we've selected our top four forms of technology which we think will continue to grow and become major players in the events market in 2016.

Although some may seem obvious, others may be more insightful than you think...

future of events 2016

event tech stats

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